500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

Yoga Teacher Training

When you click submit at the bottom of this application, it should send a copy to you and to us. If you don’t get that copy, or if you apply and don’t hear from us within two days, please contact [email protected], as we may have experienced a technical glitch.

  • E.g., word of mouth, studio regular, Internet search
  • Describe your yoga practice. How long have you been practicing, where, in what styles, and with whom? If you have studied in depth with a particular teacher, please detail this experience.
  • Are you currently teaching? If so, where, for how long, and how would you describe what it is you teach?
  • If you have neither graduated from our 200-hour program nor are registered with Yoga Alliance, where did you receive your 200-hour Yoga Alliance–registered training? When did you graduate?
  • What interests you about the Carolina Yoga 500 hour teacher training?
  • Detail any elements of the program you anticipate being difficult for you.
  • What is your goal/what are your intentions for undergoing an advanced teacher training?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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