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Carolina Yoga Company Advanced Studies Teacher Training, Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Durham, NC, and Online

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Learning is an ongoing, lifelong process. While our advanced studies YTT is designed to help you level up your teaching skills in community and mentorship, we also encourage you to do ongoing self-assessment. Thus we made a guide for you: The Fastest, Cheapest, and Best Way to Improve Your Teaching. Sign up here and we’ll send it right over!

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Who We Are & What We Offer

Carolina Yoga is the yoga school comprised of Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga in central North Carolina. Our advanced studies 500-hour yoga teacher training is for teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training, either with us or elsewhere. In the program, you’ll deepen your understanding of yoga pedagogy, philosophy, and professionalism and sharpen your skills so that you can better serve your students and your community. Upon graduation, you’ll be able to register for the Yoga Alliance 500 RYT designation.

Our 500-hour yoga teacher training program contains both required modules and electives. The required modules encompass everything instructors need to construct a well-designed and -executed class and to move toward a career or a side job as a teacher. Elective modules help you hone in on the right content for your class and work with special populations—we currently offer workshops in yin, gentle, restorative, core, flow, and balance-focused yoga, as well as yoga nidra. (See them and register here!)

You’ll finish with a thorough grounding in teaching best practices, while having freedom to explore in depth the special topics that most interest you. The required and elective modules are all offered online or in person numerous times over the five-year period of your enrollment, so you can choose to complete them at your convenience. They do not need to be done in the order listed; choose the schedule that works for you.

Beyond the modules, you’ll receive individual mentorship from our faculty, especially lead teacher and studio co-owner Sage Rountree, PhD, E-RYT 500.

As this is an advanced studies teacher training, participants should hold a 200-hour yoga teaching certification, from Carolina Yoga Company or elsewhere, or should have commensurate experience. In addition, we suggest you have at least a full year of classroom experience before enrolling in our advanced studies program. Much of what we cover focuses on the practicalities of teaching, and you’ll learn and process better when the situations and needs we discuss map onto your own existing experiences with your students.

Because our program is modular and includes online components, we have had participants from as far away as Hong Kong and Sweden travel to take this training. Our five-year term of enrollment makes distance learning, in combination with travel to us, feasible for almost anyone.

Since the content of our program is so broad, we spread it out across various modules. Each of these is available to any experienced teacher and most interested parties as an à la carte, or standalone workshop. Some participants begin by taking the modules that interest them, then enroll in the advanced studies training. Others commit up front, which means they get 15 percent off each of the modules.

Choose the order and format that best suits your needs, budget, and learning style.

Our Curriculum

  1. Professionalism (media/legal/ethical) with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp (18-hour weekend module, with online/mentorship alternative).
  2. Classroom Management and Safety with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp (18-hour weekend module, with online/mentorship alternative).
  3. Sequencing Yoga Classes with Sage Rountree (40-hour weeklong module, with online/weekend/mentorship alternative).
  4. Creative Flow: Foundations & Variations for Teaching Vinyasa Yoga with Alexandra DeSiato (18-hour module).
  5. Language Refinement with Sage Rountree (18-hour module).
  6. Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses: Theming Yoga Classes with Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato (18-hour module with online/mentorship alternative).
  7. Yoga and Positive Psychology with Michael Johnson (18-hour weekend module).

Each module (or an appropriate substitute) will be offered at least twice during your five-year contract.

These are some examples of electives we offer and accept. You can also follow your passion! When in doubt, reach out to program administrator Lies for confirmation.

In-House Modules

  • Designing and Teaching Gentle Yoga Sequences and Classes with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered September 24–25, 2022
  • Designing and Teaching Core Strength Sequences and Classes with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered October 29–30, 2022
  • Fundamentals of Teaching Yin Yoga with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered January 28–29, 2023
  • Fundamentals of Teaching Restorative Yoga with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered February 18–19, 2023
  • Designing and Teaching Balance Sequences and Classes with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered September 23–24, 2023
  • Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga Nidra with Sage Rountree (18-hour module), next offered October 28–29, 2023
  • Teaching Yoga for Athletes with Sage Rountree (40-hour weeklong module, with online/mentorship alternative). You will need another elective module in order to graduate after completing the requirement modules. Sage next offers this module in Carrboro in summer 2023, dates to be determined.

Sign up for these modules here. Note that you will need to choose “view all” by the date filter to see all scheduled offerings into 2023.

While we cannot extend our in-house discount to these off-site trainings, we do highly recommend them, and either of them will cover the bulk of your elective credits.

  • Yoga for Seniors with Carol Krucoff (8-day/50-hour module).
  • Whole Mama Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Alexandra DeSiato and Lauren Sacks (85-hour online module). If this is your elective, you may graduate after completing the required modules and this module. In addition, it qualifies you for the Yoga Alliance’s specialization in prenatal yoga.

Enrollment Details

If you have questions about our training, we would love to answer them! Schedule a discovery call with lead teacher Sage Rountree here.

When you are ready to apply, begin by completing the application online. Upon acceptance, you will pay a $750 initial fee. This nonrefundable fee entitles you to enrollment in the 500-hour program and a 15 percent discount on all—yes, ALL!—workshops hosted by Carrboro Yoga Company and Durham Yoga Company for five years from your enrollment date. This discount even applies to the early-bird registration rates—you will save a lot. You’ll also sign our contract, and you’ll enter our system, so we will keep track of your progress toward completion.

To estimate cost, begin with the $750 nonrefundable enrollment fee, then factor in the pricing for the required modules, which you’ll find listed on our Continuing Education page. Beyond these base costs, the total cost of the program depends on the electives you choose.

We extend a 25 percent reparatory and gratitude discount to our YTT; let us know if you self-identify as BINW, Indian, or Indian American and we will apply your discount.

With our unique summer immersion offered in odd-numbered years (next up: 2023), our program regularly appeals to visitors from out of town. We are delighted to welcome students from across the continent and beyond. You will find many summer housing options in our university town. Our travel accommodations page will get you started.


Is this a 200-hour, a 300-hour, or a 500-hour program?

Technically, as per the Yoga Alliance guidelines, it’s a 270-hour program that, in combination with a 230-hour teacher training (like ours; these are commonly called 200-hour programs) will qualify you to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.

How long do I have to complete the program?

Five years from your enrollment date. We offer both required and elective modules several times in a five-year cycle, so you can schedule at your convenience.

What if I have to pull out of the program?

As you have five years to complete the program, there’s ample time to step away if your life circumstances change. Your $750 enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Tell me more about the 15 percent workshop discount.

When you register, you’ll receive a code that will give you 15 percent off all workshops at Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga for five years. This applies to any workshop, not just the required and elective modules, as each workshop we offer will help you further your understanding of yoga.

Is the program friendly to out-of-towners?

Very! Carrboro is a lovely, walkable town with accommodations at every price point and great dining and culture. Visit our Travel Accommodations page to plan your first stay. Out-of-town students usually make a friend over the first visit that they can stay with thereafter!

Do I have to do the modules in the order listed here?

Not at all. Start with whatever suits your schedule best.


“I loved this weekend! Sage and Lies did a beautiful job of presenting the important elements of creating a strong foundation for a career in yoga. Framing the weekend around relationships was a wonderful way of making the intimidating aspects of a yoga career (money, the law, ethical dilemmas, etc.) seem accessible and much less scary. I left feeling significantly more confident and inspired about where my career could be one year or five years from now, and more compassionate toward myself about the process of starting out as a new yoga teacher.”

“The weekend workshop Professionalism: A Movement Teachers’ Intensive with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp, offered as part of Carolina Yoga’s 500 Hour YTT program, was a candid, helpful weekend of open, honest dialogue about the nitty-gritty details and mechanics of what it means to be a professional in the field of yoga. While most of us who teach yoga receive important information about asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy in our 200-hour programs, many of us begin teaching with no clear understanding of what it means to earn a living wage, maintain financial records, protect ourselves from liability, promote our classes, focus on a clear niche, and effectively market what we are offering. What Sage and Lies do so effectively is provide concrete information, create spaces for open and realistic dialogue, and confront all aspects of the business of teaching—all without losing sight of the philosophical roots of yoga. This weekend renewed my passion for teaching, helped me find a sense of grounding in what can often feel like an amorphous profession, and clarified my intentions (and goals!) as I continue to grow in a profession that I love so much. While this intensive is a required module for the 500-hour program, this weekend contained information that any yoga teacher would find extremely helpful—whether that teacher was brand new to instruction or a seasoned veteran of many years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

“I have studied with many different yoga teachers, but Mira Shani and her core curriculum have transformed the way I think about my role as a teacher and a human being. Mira has a deep well of knowledge and experience, but it is her dynamic enthusiasm and love for her students which create those magical moments of awakening. Mira is a rare gem: a teacher who empowers you with knowledge not only about yoga, but about yourself. She will guide you through a compassionate process of self-discovery, challenging your mind, body, and spirit. This 500-hour training will sharpen your skills, clarify your vision, and focus your philosophy. You will find yourself coming back to Mira again and again for even more wisdom.”

“Mira sets high standards for Core Curriculum participants, then creates a nonintimidating environment that supports and loves each student into achieving them. Classes are small enough to get lots of individual coaching from Mira who has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. I have become a much better yoga teacher (which I expected) but I have also changed the way I align my own body in practice (something I didn’t expect after 30 years of practicing yoga).  As a result, I am able to do asanas previously unavailable to me. This 500-hour YTT program has exceeded my expectations.”