200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

Yoga Teacher Training

Before you apply, we encourage you to visit us and take classes with Sage Rountree and Jenni Tarma. (See the full schedule here; you can filter by teacher name.) This helps you confirm that we are the program and the teachers for you. If you’re an out-of-towner, you’ll find videos from Sage and Jenni online, so you can be sure their communication style meshes with your learning style.

The next step is to fill out this application. When you click submit, it will send a copy to you and to us. If you apply and don’t hear from us within two days, please contact [email protected], as we may have experienced a technical glitch.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application

  • Which program are you interested in?
  • E.g., word of mouth, studio regular, Internet search
  • Describe your yoga practice. How long have you been practicing, where, in what styles, and with whom? If you have studied in depth with a particular teacher, please detail this experience.
  • What interests you about the Carrboro Yoga teacher training?
  • Detail any elements of the program you anticipate being difficult for you.
  • What is your goal/what are your intentions for undergoing a teacher training?
  • Have you ever previously enrolled in a yoga teacher training? If so, where, when, and what were the circumstances of your departure?

Take classes online!

We are currently offering a limited schedule of outdoor classes in Carrboro. For your safety and that of our instructors, we are targeting late fall for reopening indoor classes. Meanwhile, we are pleased to offer professionally filmed classes with our teachers online! Click here to read about them and get started.

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