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Sage Rountree, director

Hi, there! We realize you might not even know what to look for in a teacher training, so we created a ten-page guide: Essential Questions to Ask About Yoga Teacher Training. It shares both what to look for and our own answers to the important questions. Pop your details in the box here and we’ll send it right over!

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Who We Are & What We Offer

Whether you aspire to teach or merely want to learn more about yoga, the Carolina Yoga teacher training is for you. Carolina Yoga is the yoga school comprised of Carrboro Yoga and Durham Yoga in central North Carolina. Just as our studios are responsibly eclectic, covering a wide range of styles and approaches to yoga, our teacher training program is both broad and deep.

The program will expose you to the major styles of yoga as practiced in modern America, while giving you a thorough grounding in yoga philosophy as practiced through the ages. Along the way, we will have fun together exploring dance, music, meditation, breathing practices, chanting, and more. At the end of the program, you’ll have:

  • a new and full understanding of yoga’s role in your life
  • the skills to teach and to explore the approaches that resonate best for you
  • a whole bunch of new friends
  • a better sense of connection with yoga, yourself, and your community

Our 200-hour Yoga Alliance–registered program will give you a thorough grounding in:

  • The philosophy and history of yoga
  • The yoga techniques of asana, pranayama, meditation—nuts and bolts, safe practices
  • Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, from both Western and Eastern perspectives
  • Teaching skills, from language to sequencing to adjustments and modifications

Upon completion, you can apply to the Yoga Alliance for registration at the 200-hour level.

Our program meets in Carrboro, but we regularly have students not only from Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, and Saxapahaw, but also from Raleigh, Wake Forest, Burlington, Greensboro, and even points farther away.

We are pleased to draw a diverse and interesting mix of students. A highlight of your experience in yoga teacher training is bonding with your classmates and creating connections that last through the years. Our teacher trainees at Carolina Yoga Company have included:

  • an ex–professional poker player
  • a current professional salsa dancer
  • bartenders
  • grad students
  • home-schooled 16-year-olds
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • lawyers
  • school teachers
  • stay-at-home parents
  • retirees
  • and everything in between: you will fit in!

We recommend you have at least a year of consistent practice before joining our training. To supplement your in-class practice and discussion, you’ll need to commit to a regular personal practice. This will include:

  • Five days of home or class practice (asana, pranayama, and/or meditation) each week
  • Attending two classes per week in person or online (not necessarily at Carolina Yoga Co.; we encourage you to cast your net wide)
  • Optional assisting at classes as the training progresses

You will also be expected to have donated 25 hours of your time to community service, either in the 12 months prior to the commencement of the program or in the 12-month period following the program.

Convenient Weekend Program

The eight-month program, which we offer every year, meets in our custom-designed training room at our Carrboro Yoga location the second weekend of each month, September through April.

2023–24 Dates

September 8–10, 2023
October 13–15
November 10–12
December 8–10
January 12–14, 2024
February 9–11
March 8–10
April 12–14

Class Times

Friday, 6–9 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m.–1 p.m., 2–5 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m.–1 p.m., 2–5 p.m.


Upon acceptance, a $500 deposit will reserve your slot.
Program: $3500 due the first day of the training (this includes the deposit)
Early bird: $3200 if paid in full by July 1 (this includes the deposit)
Installments: $3800 in five payments of a $500 deposit to reserve your spot, then $1000 due September 1, November 1, and January 1, and the final $300 due March 1.

You may choose to buy a specially priced unlimited membership to use for classes during the training.

We extend a need-blind 25 percent reparatory and gratitude discount to our YTT; let us know if you self-identify as Black, Indigenous, Nonwhite, Indian, or Indian American and we will apply your discount.


The training is led by Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp, Carolina Yoga Company’s owners.

Sage Rountree, primary teacher, is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (E-RYT 500). Internationally recognized as a master teacher, she is on the faculty of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and teaches workshops nationwide. Author of nine books, including The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook, Everyday Yoga, Lifelong Yoga, and Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses, Sage writes for Yoga Journal on the pedagogy and business of teaching yoga. She holds a PhD in English literature; during her study at UNC–Chapel Hill, she worked with graduate students to help them grow as teachers and chaired the English department’s Peer Review Committee. Sage’s approach to yoga is accessible, clear, and recognizes that the mental and spiritual practice of yoga is integrally important to the physical experience.

Lies Sapp, E-RYT 500, program administrator, is a former trial lawyer and a whiz at keeping track of details. Her certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher has shown her how to keep a teacher training pertinent, exciting, and fulfilling. Lies is also bringing back some fun and unusual experiences from her recent yoga junkets to India.

In true “great books” style, we go right to the source as we study the major styles of yoga practiced in America today. We’ll investigate:

  • Alignment-Based Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Classical Yoga
  • Flow Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Kids’ Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Partner Yoga
  • Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • how to create an inclusive, antiracist, antixenophobic classroom

Drawing on the wealth of authentic, experienced teachers in the Triangle, we welcome guest teachers who will present on their respective styles. Our guest faculty includes:

Lies Sapp and Sage Rountree

Reading List

Order these from your favorite bookstore; from the links here, which point to Amazon; or from Sage’s Bookshop page, which deals with local independent booksellers.

The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook, by Sage Rountree (this is a good one to read as you consider taking YTT!)
Everyday Yoga,
 by Sage Rountree
Yoga Anatomy, by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews
The Bhagavad Gita, trans. Stephen Mitchell
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, trans. Sri Swami Satchidananda
The Miracle of Mindfulnessby Thich Nhat Hanh

Back Care Basics, by Mary Pullig Schatz
The Breathing Book
, by Donna Farhi
The Heart of Yoga,
 by T. K. V. Desikachar
Light on Yoga, by B. K. S. Iyengar
Lifelong Yoga, by Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato
Relax into Yoga for Seniors, by Kimberly Carlson and Carol Krucoff
Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses, by Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato
The Subtle Body, by Stephanie Syman
Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillnessby Erich Schiffmann

How to Apply

We accept applications on an open schedule—it’s never too soon to apply. Here are your steps:

First, schedule a free call with Sage to discuss what your time in teacher training will bring to you.

Plan to take Sage’s class (Carrboro, Mondays, 6 p.m.), or to watch her teaching online. This gives you a sense of the director’s teaching style and energy.

It’s also wise to visit on your own! If you aren’t a studio regular, we’d love for you to come in and see the spaces and the vibe. Several of our teachers are graduates of this program who would be happy to talk to you about their experience:

  • Lindsey Alexander (Carrboro)
  • Alexis Besosa (Carrboro)
  • Alexandra DeSiato (Carrboro)
  • Alaina Godfrey (Durham)
  • Lara Goodrich Ezor (Durham)
  • Kevin Huselid (Carrboro and Durham)
  • Si Luo (Durham)
  • Joe-Paul Naughton-Travers (Carrboro)
  • Diana Newton (Carrboro)
  • Martha Pickett (Durham)
  • Lena Santacaterina (Durham)


What is the size of your program?

We have a minimum of eight students, and a maximum of sixteen. Our eight-month programs usually fill by late August, our intensive by the start of July, our weekday program in December. Apply sooner than later to guarantee your spot.

What makes your program unique?

We are very proud of our “great books” format, which will take you straight to direct sources representing each of the major styles of yoga practiced in America. Instead of telling you what to think about yoga, our program encourages you to investigate your preconceptions as you develop a new understanding of what yoga is and how you should teach it.

I’m not sure I plan to teach. Is this program still for me?

Yes! Many folks enter teacher training programs to deepen their understanding of yoga and find ways to direct their personal practice. Whether or not you become a teacher, you’ll grow in ways you haven’t expected.

Does completing the program guarantee graduation?

No; the staff of Carolina Yoga Company Yoga Teacher Training reserve the right to refuse to graduate any individual that they, in their sole discretion, determine does not meet the requirements of graduation. Nongraduation after completion of the program will not result in a refund of any kind.

I can’t make a particular day or weekend. Can I make it up?

If you miss a day, you may pay for a tutorial to cover the material you have missed. We’ll arrange these case-by-case. If you must miss multiple sessions, consider waiting for the next training.

What if I have to pull out of the program?

Should you have to withdraw from the program before it begins, you’ll receive a refund, minus a $150 administrative fee, according to this schedule, depending on the reason:

Should you have to withdraw from the program before it begins, you’ll receive a refund, minus a $150 administrative fee, according to this schedule:
+Summer Intensive: 100 percent by July 1; 50 percent between July 1 and the program start. Refunds after the start date will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program cycle.
+Eight-Month Program: 100 percent by August 1; 75 percent by August 15; 50 percent by September 1. Refunds after September 1 will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program cycle.
+Nine-Week Hybrid Program: 100 percent by December 1; 50 percent between December 1 and the program start. Refunds after the start date will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program style.

Should you be requested to withdraw from the program for any reason, you will receive a refund, minus a $150 administrative fee, according to this schedule:
+Summer Intensive: 100 percent by July 1; 50 percent between July 1 and the program start. Refunds after the program start date will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program cycle.
+Eight-Month Program: 100 percent by August 1; 75 percent by August 15; 50 percent by September 1. Refunds after September 1 will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program cycle.
+Nine-Week Hybrid Program: 100 percent by December 1; 50 percent between December 1 and the program start. Refunds after the program start date will be in the form of a credit toward the next teacher training program cycle.

Should the staff of Carolina Yoga Company Yoga Teacher Training determine that the candidate will not be welcome in any subsequent teacher training at Carolina Yoga, the student will receive a pro-rata refund calculated by the tuition minus $150 administrative fee.


Going through any yoga training program is transformative, as you get a chance to refine your own practice as you learn to teach to others. What makes this program special is that Sage and Lies serve as guides on the river of yoga. By that, I mean that the CYCo. YTT program offers an overview of yoga, rather than focusing on one specific style of yoga. A big turnoff for me is when people preach a certain type of yoga as ‘the truth’ or the ‘right’ or ‘only’ type of yoga. At the heart of the YTT program is a focus on discovering YOUR truth and YOUR type of yoga—the type that speaks to you. I feel like I am ready to teach my truth, rather than teaching a specific style taught to me. My yoga borrows from a lot of the different styles we’ve learned about in the program (from Sage and Lies and from awesome guest teachers!)—and some of these styles I will likely explore in more depth as my yoga journey continues. I would also say that the community built in this program is amazing to me. I have learned so much from my fellow YTTers, as we are encouraged to share our opinions and ideas. I have come to respect the others in the program very much, as I see them learning and teaching what feels right and true to them. It’s a really beautiful program: there are moments that will challenge you, enlighten you, and change you!

The Carolina Yoga Company 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is AMAZING. I realized long ago that one of the best way to learn something is to teach. This first happened for me when I started auto racing.  I started the traditional way by going to racing schools and then private instruction.  But it wasn’t until I started instructing others (both aspiring race car drivers as well as law enforcement officers) that I became aware of just how much more one could learn through teaching.

I learned the value of how yoga could help with a balanced life in my second racing career when I signed Sage Rountree on as my endurance bicycle racing coach. After five years and some pretty big bucket-list achievements, yoga was calling to me as something I wanted to deepen my understanding of. I had no real aspirations to become a regular yoga teacher, but yoga teacher training seemed like a great way for me to expand my horizons. And the hybrid program, in particular, was just so well suited to my schedule that it was impossible to turn down.

I had very high expectations for YTT with Sage and Lies. I’m good friends with several of their graduates (who all raved about the program). I had taken many classes from Sage and heard of many of the guest instructors.  Even with all that, my expectations were completely blown away. The quality of the instruction is incredible and the depth is strong even though this program does not pretend to be an in-depth look at any particular style of yoga. On the contrary, you will be challenged with yoga experiences that are as diverse as they are intense. Your body will change, but in a good way. Your mind will change even more. It seemed like everyone fell in love with different things, and almost without fail people fell in love with things they would have never expected, myself included.

And most importantly, you will leave feeling confident that you can, indeed, teach yoga. You will still need experience to be a great yoga teacher, but you will have the foundation and the confidence to go forth and get that experience. I simply can not recommend this program highly enough for anyone who wants to deepen their own practice  or learn how to teach.

The question I have been asked most is “why are you traveling so far [from Jacksonville, FL]?” The answer was always the same. Your training program offers exposure to things I can’t possibly get locally. Different types of yoga we never see here. But your program offers so much more than that. It offers a safe, inviting place for teachers and yogis to come into their own. To explore and flourish—not just types of or aspects of yoga, but personal aspects of oneself. It was worth every train ride, delay, every obstacle that I encountered.

The CYCo. teacher training program is the best kind of 200[-hour-]level training if you’re seeking to learn more about the modern and traditional styles of yoga. Sage and Lies do a wonderful job of providing students with a blend of what has shaped yoga into what it is today. I’m confident that having a variety of eclectic experiences will keep my personal practice and teaching style interesting. It’s not so much important that one enjoys all the [styles presented] as it is about challenging one’s mindset as to what yoga should be and what makes one feel comfortable. Many of us have learned that we may need the opposite of what we are used to in order to find better balance in our lives.

The “Great Books” format of this training sets it apart. There’s a very broad and deep yoga talent pool in the Triangle. Sage and Lies have tapped into that pool and given us access to many brilliant teachers from widely different styles. This has had a wonderful cross-fertilization effect for me. After teaching a couple of classes a week for almost ten years, I was beginning to get a little stale. I’m confident this training will help me stay fresh and enthusiastic for another ten years . . . all the way to age 70!

Sage and Lies take special care in making sure you get the best in training so you are totally prepared to teach and know all the in and outs of both a good yoga class as well as a good yoga studio. I highly recommend this training.

Still Have Questions?

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