We are a female-owned, inclusive studio that welcomes all. We offer yoga at every price point on fair terms. Our passcards never expire and are shareable between our locations. You can use your pass to pay for a friend, as well. While our passes are nonrefundable, you can transfer them to a friend should you move away.


We are a cash-free business. If class price or our cashless policy is an issue preventing your access to yoga, talk to us.

Buy class passes when you sign in via the schedule or by clicking here. We now require preregistration for all classes—that means we can’t accommodate walk-ins, so please be sure to sign up in advance! Registration closes two hours before class start time.


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Type Price Per Class
Single class $20 $20
5-class pass $85 $17
10-class pass $160 $16
20-class pass $300 $15
K-12, college, or grad student/teacher/frontline worker $15 $15
Reparatory/gratitude pricing (see below) $13 $13

Discounted Teacher/Student/Uniform Rate

We offer this rate to teachers and students in preschool, K–12, or higher education, as well as to any uniformed workers—active military, first responders, and frontline workers. Please self-select if you qualify.

Reparatory Discount for Black, Indigenous, and Non-White People

We recognize that the United States is built on centuries of racialized injustice. We acknowledge the appropriation of land from Indigenous communities, the forced unpaid labor of Black people, the internment of Asian Americans, and the countless other historical injustices experienced by the racially marginalized. We acknowledge the racialized oppression that still rages around us.

As a part of our commitment to be actively antiracist, we offer a need-blind reparatory discount on class passes and teacher trainings to anyone who self-identifies as Black, Indigenous, or otherwise Non-White. If you self-identify as BINW and would like to accept this small gesture of reparation, please choose the $13 rate at checkout.

Gratitude Discount for Indians and Indian Americans

Yoga is an ancient sacred practice originating in India; it shares roots with Hinduism, Buddhism, and other subcontinental Asian religions. While we honor the agency of the Indian entrepreneurs who popularized yoga in the West, we acknowledge that the practice has been coopted by American corporations and currently brings profit chiefly to white American teachers. We also acknowledge the xenophobic and racist discrimination faced by Indians in America.

As part of our commitment to honor the people from whose cultural practice we draw profit, physical well-being, and spiritual growth, we offer a need-blind gratitude discount on class passes and teacher trainings to Indians and Indian Americans. If you self-identify as Indian or Indian American and would like to accept this small gesture of gratitude, please choose the $13 rate at checkout.

For all discounted rates, you can buy more than one at a time by changing the quantity at checkout.


We now require preregistration for classes and cannot accommodate walk-ins. Since space is extremely limited, you must cancel more than 24 hours before class to have your class credit revert. Do this online by clicking Manage Schedule above. Otherwise, we will have to use your class credit.