Yoga can help us heal after the long year of disconnection and separation.

While you will feel good after a single class with us, we know real growth and lasting change come when you commit to a regular practice.

To help with that, we’ve simplified our pricing! The discounts you receive with memberships go below any discount we have previously offered. Memberships require no minimum commitment beyond the first month. We are excited to offer you this new opportunity to firmly root your practice.

New students: our intro offer, reserved specially for students new to Carolina Yoga Company, will give you a guided tour of what we have to offer for 21 days, starting with your first class. And it costs less than the price of three drop-in classes!

Type Price Per Class
New student intro offer /// BUY HERE! $60 for 21 days 1x/week = $20; 2x/week = $10; 3x/week = $6.67; as low as $2.85 if you come daily
Single drop-in class /// BUY HERE! $25 $25
10-class pass /// BUY HERE! $180 $18
5x/month membership /// BUY HERE! $72/month $14.40
Unlimited membership /// BUY HERE! $129/month 2x/week = $15.35; 3x/week = $10.24; 4x/week = $7.67; 7x/week = $4.16

View all passes and memberships here!


Policies to Note

We now require preregistration for all classes—that means we can’t accommodate walk-ins, so please be sure to sign up in advance! Registration closes an hour before class start time. The early cancellation window closes 12 hours before class; beyond that we must charge your pass for the class. If you can’t make it, please cancel in your Wellness Living account. This lets us move a waitlist student onto the roster.

While we do not offer refunds, our pass cards never expire and are shareable and transferable. If you are leaving the area and would like to give your pass to a friend, send us an email with your friend’s name.

We are a cash-free business. If class price or our cashless policy is an issue preventing your access to yoga, talk to us.

Our Work toward Institutional Change in Yoga Spaces

We are a female-owned, locally owned small business that welcomes everyone, and we strive to be inclusive. Part of this process is recognizing the inequities in yoga spaces and working to address these imbalances at an institutional level, both in our studios and across the field.

In order to create this change, we want to get more Black, Indigenous, and Non-White people in front of yoga classrooms. Hence we offer a sizable discount on our yoga teacher trainings.

Reparatory Discount for Black, Indigenous, and Non-White People

We recognize that the United States is built on centuries of racialized injustice. We acknowledge the appropriation of land from Indigenous communities, the forced unpaid labor of Black people, the internment of Asian Americans, and the countless other historical injustices experienced by the racially marginalized. We acknowledge the racialized oppression that still rages around us.

As a part of our commitment to be actively antiracist, we offer a need-blind 25-percent reparatory discount on teacher trainings to anyone who self-identifies as Black, Indigenous, or otherwise Non-White.

Gratitude Discount for Indians and Indian Americans

Yoga is an ancient sacred practice originating in India; it shares roots with Hinduism, Buddhism, and other subcontinental Asian religions. While we honor the agency of the Indian entrepreneurs who popularized yoga in the West, we acknowledge that the practice has been coopted by American corporations and currently brings profit chiefly to white American teachers. We also acknowledge the xenophobic and racist discrimination faced by Indians in America.

As part of our commitment to honor the people from whose cultural practice we draw profit, physical well-being, and spiritual growth, we offer a need-blind 25-percent gratitude discount on teacher trainings to Indians and Indian Americans.

Our Work toward Institutional Change outside Yoga Spaces

We donate charity passes for fundraisers and silent auctions that focus on racial and social justice. If your nonprofit is in the social or racial justice field and you have an upcoming event, please be in touch!