Online Classes

When you can’t make it in to the studio, you can still take classes from our wonderful instructors by streaming their classes at Yoga Vibes (code sagevibes saves you 25 percent on an annual subscription), and keep up your core strength with Sage Rountree’s Core Strength for Real People Vimeo series. You’ll find dozens of online yoga classes with Carrboro Yoga’s Sage Rountree, Alexandra DeSiato, Mary Reddinger, and Lorie Mody!

Alexandra DeSiato, Pilates and Yoga

Alexandra’s Pilates classes are fast-paced and fun, with classical Pilates elements and sequences you might find in a yoga class or a gym core class. You’ll also find postnatal and flow yoga classes to enjoy.

Sage Rountree, Yoga for Athletes and Everyone

Sage’s classes target the hips and the core to balance strength, flexibility, and focus for sports and for life. She also offers a new video series, Core Strength for Real People, full of short, doable routines to shore up your core. Several full-length classes are also available free on Sage’s Facebook page at

Jenni Tarma, Flow Yoga

Jenni Tarma leads a moderately paced but vigorous class with unusual flows, fun transitions, and plenty of strengthening work. You’ll learn something about anatomy in every class!