How We Hire

Thanks for your interest!

We are not actively looking for new teachers. We are slowly adding back our prepandemic staff to the schedule as their New Normal schedules become clear.

When we do hire, we like to start with people who are practicing with us presently, because they understand the current studio culture and thus can help our students best. We also look for seasoned teachers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who have experience teaching a range of modalities to a heterogeneous set of students.

If you’re interested in teaching with us, the right first step is to come in and get to know the studios, the classes, and the teachers.

Word to the wise: check out studio co-owner Sage Rountree’s latest book, The Professional Yoga Teacher’s Handbook. It outlines what she considers to be the qualities of a good teacher and how she thinks teachers should approach studios—and, hint, hint, she makes our hiring decisions! You can request it from your local library, order it from your favorite local bookseller, or buy an ebook or listen to the audiobook.

Once you’ve gotten to know what we offer and what we’re looking for, if you haven’t naturally met Sage in person at the studio, don’t be shy to reach out: