The Durham Yoga Company serves the communities of Durham and Chapel Hill, and all of central North Carolina, by creating a space for connection. This can be a connection of body, mind, and spirit; of the individual and the community; of mindfulness with action, thought, and feeling.

A sister business to Carrboro Yoga Company, and Hillsborough Yoga Company, Durham Yoga Company offers classes in many styles, and our studio is accessible to students of all ages and levels of experience. Our top-notch instructors are uniformly committed to making you feel at home, safe, and relaxed in our beautiful, light-filled, eco-conscious studio, which is well stocked with everything you need. Our offerings help each student find the optimal alignment of their bodies; a sense of peace in their minds and hearts; a deep connection to a sweet, caring local community; and a safe place to explore harmonious living with the entire earth.

For First-Timers

You have to start somewhere! Don’t be shy to pay us a visit. Your first class is free! Reading our class descriptions might help with your choice. If you’d like personal direction, call us at 919-502-0108 or write [email protected].


Let's Connect!

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