Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Carrboro Yoga Company

Develop a sense of relaxation, confidence, and body awareness to enhance the birth process. Relaxation, breath work, strengthening, and stretching will be our focus. Come and meet new moms while you journey through this special and amazing time of life.

In the Wednesday class, we share new developments with our pregnancies in a first few minutes of getting settled and getting to know each other. The yoga we do is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy, involving stretching, strengthening, and preparing for the big day. We also discuss what exercises should be avoided during different times of the pregnancy. There is also a time of simple meditation and relaxation to learn these techniques for anytime you may need them.

There is a lot of laughter, shared joy, and growing—literally!—in these ongoing classes. Your Wednesday teacher, Lauren Sacks, has over a decade’s experience teaching and has extensive experience in prenatal yoga from both intellectual and embodied study.

Find community, tips, and classes for streaming from Lauren and Alexandra at Whole Mama Yoga.

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