About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient and evolving system of physical poses, breath exercises, and meditative approaches designed to foster union, a sense of connection. The ultimate end of yoga is liberation. Yoga shares roots with Hinduism, Buddhism, and other subcontinental Asian religions. Its branches have spread in many directions, so the word yoga now encompasses devotional practices, physical exercises, and much in between.

As a benefit of practicing yoga, you’ll feel more relaxed, be stronger, have better posture, and learn tools to cope with stress of any kind.

We offer a spectrum of styles and practices to help you find balance in your life. Our classes range from the very gentle to the very rigorous, covering everything in between. Some classes contain meditation and brief, optional periods of chanting. All classes will teach you how to breathe better.

If you’re new to yoga, visit our New to Yoga page for recommendations and try our new student intro offer. If you have questions about classes, leave us a voice mail or text us at 919-502-0108, or e-mail us at info@carolinayogacompany.com. We would love to connect with you and help you find the right class for your personal needs.