Yoga Anatomy: For Teachers AND Students

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WHAT: Yoga Anatomy: Out of Your Head and into Your Body
WITH: Helen Tapper and Laura Terry
WHERE: Carrboro Yoga Company
WHEN: Friday–Sunday, October 20–22

The workshop is designed for three groups of people: yoga students, yoga teachers, and health professionals. While it fulfills the anatomy requirement for Carolina Yoga Company’s advanced studies teacher training, it is also geared to help any practitioner understand and appreciate the body better.

You’ll gain a yogi/yogini’s approach to:

  • The skeletal system: major bones and joints, including the movements they allow, common injuries, and strategies for their prevention.
  • The muscular system: anatomy and physiology of muscle tissue; location, attachments, and actions of major muscles, including common injuries and strategies for injury prevention; how to stretch, strengthen, and repattern muscle tissue through yoga asana and other exercises.
  • The nervous system: anatomy; interactions of spinal nerves with muscles, glands, and organs; how to deeply relax the body through repatterning the nervous system.
  • The endocrine system: how the glands and hormones they produce interact with the body and brain.
  • The anatomy of breathing, including the bhandas and how to use breath to facilitate ease in yoga practice.
  • Kinesiology: basic concepts, including anatomical terms of movement and position, to help you communicate with health care professionals.

We will emphasize the physical practice and how anatomy applies to yoga asana, getting you out of your head and into your body—and training you to help others do the same.

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