Yoga to Undo Your Day

Tagged: Carrboro

Where: Carrboro Yoga Company
When: Tuesdays, June 6–27, 7:30–8:30 p.m.
With: Robin DeMent

This open series is for anyone of any age interested in experiencing yoga to help relieve tension in the neck, back, and hips, and anyone just trying to find space in their minds and bodies for a great night’s sleep. This tension accumulates during the day from everyday life habits, and the spine takes the brunt of our bad habits. Come find relief and freedom from extended sitting in front of screens, from hunching your shoulders over your phone, from the lifting and carrying required in caring for loved ones, and from the sheer force of gravity. Through classical asanas and slow flows, we will move to open up back constriction, breathe energy into tight hips and hamstrings, lengthen and broaden stiff necks and shoulders, and strengthen the disengaged abdominals needed to support the body. Learn to use your breath to train your focus to find strength and calm—both on and off the mat.
  1. June 6: Overall Spine Health: Creating Space, Energy, Movement, and Stillness
  2. June 13: The Lumbar Spine and the Lower Body (Hips, Legs, Feet)
  3. June 20: The Thoracic Spine and Core Strength and Connection
  4. June 27: The Cervical Spine and the Upper Body (Arms, Chest, Shoulder, Neck, Head)

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