Yoga 102

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Where: Hillsborough Yoga Company
When: Tuesdays, 5:45–7:00 p.m.
With: Kristen Polzein

Are you looking for progress in your yoga practice? Kristen Polzein’s Yoga 102 series is designed to help you work toward your aspirations without expectations. In these 6-week series classes you will enhance your current practice by developing physical skills, mental awareness, and energetic compassion. The instructor will offer a safe and friendly space for you to nurture your practice. Experience in Yoga 101 or Yoga Basics is recommended. This series is also well-suited for intermediate and advanced students looking to refine their yoga practice. This is an open-series class ($15 drop in rate). However, consistent practice over time is one of the main foundations of yoga. Therefore, we encourage you to join for the entire series!

Yoga 102: Explore the Layers of Your Being

According to yogic history, we are made up of five increasingly subtle layers of energy (koshas). In this series, we explore these five layers of our being through physical postures, breath practices, and meditation. The practices will refine your sense of awareness and connection to your deep inner being. This exploration will allow you to cultivate curiosity and appreciation of your limitless potential.
  1. June 27: Annamaya Kosha (Physical/Food Layer)
  2. July 11: Pranayama Kosha (Vital Energy Layer)
  3. July 18: Manomaya Kosha (Mental Layer)
  4. July 25: Vijnanamaya Kosha (Wisdom Layer)
  5. August 1: Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss Layer)
  6. August 8: Full-Being Practice

Yoga 102: Elemental Alignment Adventure

In this series, we embark on an exciting adventure, aligning our being with the elements of nature. The practice will help you understand how to balance the five great elements of nature, earth, water, fire, air and space. We will move and breathe with mindfulness as we harmonize our internal world with the external world.

  1. August 15: Earth
  2. August 22: Water
  3. August 29: Fire
  4. September 5: Air
  5. September 12: Space
  6. September 19: Complete Elemental Practice

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