Prenatal Retreat

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Where: Hillsborough Yoga and Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat
When: Saturday, June 3, 1:30–5:45 p.m.; first Sundays of each month, August–December, 1:30–5:45 p.m.

Join mama-to-be and yoga teacher Sara Owens for a day of pampering, yoga, and relaxation. We will begin at 1:30 at Hillsborough Yoga Company with a prenatal yoga practice that will set the slow, mindful pace for the rest of your day. We will work into the spaces of the body that get particularly tight or strained during pregnancy and make sure to address any specific areas of concern in your body. We will then enjoy snacks (please let us know ahead of time of any dietary restrictions or extreme food aversions!), and head upstairs to Hillsborough Spa and Day Retreat. The steam room and sauna will both be available, and the temperature will be turned down to a baby-safe temp! There is also space for quiet coloring, meditation, and contemplation, as well as a chance to connect with other moms to be. A 30-minute mini-treatment is included: choose from massage, a facial, or a foot rub. These lovely half-days will ease your aches, allow you to connect with other expecting parents, and leave you feeling blissfully centered. $90. This would make a lovely shower gift!

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