Graduation Application

Yoga Teacher Training

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduation Application

  • Required Modules, 215 Hours

  • Please add the date that you completed each of these required modules. If you need a reminder, log in to Mind-Body, then click "Visit History" under "My Info."
  • Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste
  • Core Curriculum: Alignment, Part 1
  • Core Curriculum: Alignment, Part 2
  • Core Curriculum: Theme Integration
  • Core Curriculum: Assists, Part 1
  • Core Curriculum: Assists, Part 2
  • Core Curriculum: Language Refinement
  • Anatomy
  • Professionalism for Movement Teachers
  • Classroom Management and Safety
  • Yoga and Positive Psychology
  • Energetic Body or Intro to Ayurveda
  • Elective Modules, 50 Hours

  • Please list the name, date, and hours completed.
  • Please list the name, date, content, and hours completed.

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