New to Yoga

Yoga can be the perfect way to move and center during uncertain times. Even if you’ve never done it before, you can start at home! Check out our online classes.

We aim to make yoga and mindful living accessible—we were all new once, too! Join us to find better balance and connection. You’ve got to start somewhere; here are our favorite entry points.

Start Where You Are

We know the number-one factor for students choosing a class is schedule. Don’t be shy to come try any class that suits your availability. Let the teacher know you’re new and we’ll take special care to look out for you. Yoga for Daily Life is a good entry point for everyone.

We offer a new-student 3-class pass. This lets you explore which classes work best for your needs and learning style. It’s available at your first login to our scheduling software. If you don’t buy it then online, we can sell it to you at your first class. Completing the waiver and buying the pass online makes your first visit seamless, but it’s also totally fine to walk in early for class and let us set you up! Note that we are a cash-free business, and we offer work trade if that impedes your access to yoga.

Build from the Ground Up

We offer a series called Yoga 101 in rotation throughout the year. The series helps you learn in a sequential fashion, and some people repeat it over and over!

Yoga 101 & 102

Keep It Gentle

Our gentle classes are usually a good bet for beginners. Come try one of these:

Take classes online!

We are currently offering a limited schedule of outdoor classes in Carrboro. For your safety and that of our instructors, we are targeting late fall for reopening indoor classes. Meanwhile, we are pleased to offer professionally filmed classes with our teachers online! Click here to read about them and get started.

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