Class Schedule

Durham Yoga Company

Did you sign up for a regularly scheduled, nonasterisked* class and now can’t make it? No need to call! Your credit will revert when you don’t check in. If you can’t make a series or workshop enrollment, please see the policies below.

*Asterisks denote open series, which differ from regular classes. You are welcome to drop in at a per-session rate, but class passes and first class free do not apply.



When you sign up online for a class and can’t make it, your class credit reverts to your account automatically in 24 hours—no need for action.


Since teachers put extra planning into series, and since we offer a great deal when you buy an entire series, we don’t offer make-ups, with the exception of the Sobins’ series. If you miss a session of a Sobin series, you can make it up in any class with Sommer or Paul during that same season.


If you can’t make it and let us know by writing [email protected] more than 24 hours before, we will refund the price of the workshop to your account, and you can use it toward a future workshop, series, or class pass purchase. We don’t offer refunds within the 24-hour window.

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